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Facebook Traffic Generation Tips

With its over 700 million users, Facebook is a good place to start your traffic generation campaign. There are a number of blog or website promotion sources on this social networking site. Generating traffic from Facebook may not be that easy but if done correctly, can be so beneficial. Here are some tips on how you can drive traffic to your blog or website via Facebook.

Business Profile Creation

Your Facebook profile allows you to do so many things like adding your website on your personal profile page or creating a page for your business. As you add your website, you have to give details about it and how other people can benefit from it. If you have created a personal profile, you will find the business profile creation process is pretty simple. You just have to prepare fundamental business information in hand prior to the page creation. Bear in mind that your business or company logo is ideal for the profile photo.

Let other people know about your Facebook business page and make sure to always update it by announcing what you wish to share or what can make them interested to visit your website. Through that way, you will be able to drive traffic and get unique visitors.

Friends List Expansion

If you are so picky when it comes to adding friends to your personal Facebook page, you have to give up this trait. Generating traffic from Facebook involves reaching out to different people. This does not mean you have to add so many friends on your personal account but adding new people on your business profile. Through this way, you can share details to those who would want to hear more about your website.

There will come a time too where you would want to expand your friends list on your personal profile or account. Generating traffic from Facebook will necessitate you to befriend a lot of people that usually results in accepting friendships from those you do not know. Once you have decided to be friends with people you do not personally know, make sure to consider the information you are sharing on your personal profile.

Facebook Group Feature Usage

Using Facebook groups is one of the good ways to connect with other people and promote your website content. The very goof thing about having a group is the fact that you can have so targeted towards your niche, which means that you can have targeted visitors who are much likely to visit your website, check out what you have to offer and purchase from you or avail of your service later on.

You can post links, whether it is a fresh content or a new blog post, in your Facebook group. Members won’t mind if you post links all day if at the beginning, you have already explained to them what the group is all about and why it has been created. However, Facebook groups also have their limitations. One of these is the fact that you cannot have over 5,000 members. This can be an issue if you are planning to expand your business.

Facebook Advertising

Another means in generating traffic from Facebook is by purchasing ads. Using Facebook advertising can let you reach out to your targeted audiences and gain significant amount of traffic to your website everyday. Just make sure to make a targeted and well-described ad.


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