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Free Traffic From LinkedIn

Whether you have just built your website or blog, you can let the world know about its existence without actually spending much money. Today, many website owners are generating traffic from LinkedIn. So, what is LinkedIn and how can you use it to drive traffic to your site? That is what we are going to answer here so, read further!

The World’s Largest Professional Network

LinkedIn is considered by many people as the largest professional network in the world. It has more than 120 million members and still growing rapidly. This social networking site gives you the keys to take control of your online identity. If you want to be found easily by other people by just typing your name, you should join LinkedIn and take control of the initial impression people can get when they search for you online.

Generating traffic from LinkedIn is relatively easy. You just have to join this social networking site where different professionals connect, build your profile and add your website or blog link. By connecting here, your address book or contact list will never go outdated. You can meet a lot of people and interact with them within the site. You can share your interests or give help to those who need answers.

Aside from driving website traffic, more and more business owners and others alike are using LinkedIn to sell products, generate leads, find employees, gain sponsorships, receive funding for their companies and get local and national press coverage. No matter what your purposes are in driving traffic to your blog, LinkedIn can surely help you obtain unique visitors.

Ways In Generating Traffic From LinkedIn

To generate traffic using LinkedIn, it is important that you complete your profile. Do not expect that you can drive traffic after building your profile and adding your link to it. You need a lot of time and effort too, of course. If you want other people to read your profile, you should take the time to make it as interesting as you think it could be. Make your profile compelling, concise and value driven all through. Complete it 100 percent, add a presentable photo of yourself and then take whole process seriously.

Your next step to generating traffic from LinkedIn is increasing your connections. The more friends or connections you have, the more professionals will have access to your LinkedIn page or profile. Each time you make an update, you recommend someone or join a group, your first degree connections see it. Get as many connections as you can. This will help you boost traffic in your site.

Consider customizing your website links in your LinkedIn page. Do not just put in your profile things like “My Blog” or “My Website” but instead write something that will interest other people. For example, you can name your website link “SEO Tips for Beginners” or “Search Engine Optimization Tools for Companies.” Customizing your website links will help you attract unique visitors to your site and drive massive traffic.

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