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Sucking Vistors from StumbleUpon

Getting traffic for a new blog or website can be so hard if you are depending only on search engines. Proper search engine optimization necessitates a great deal of skill and time. Hence, you should think of other means that can help you boost website traffic. One of these is the use of a discovery engine. This is a kind of search engine on the Web that recommends content to its users. Today, many people are generating traffic from StumbleUpon. So, what basically is StumbleUpon? How it can help you generate free traffic?

What Is StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is not really new in the social media arena as it has been around since 2001. It has been getting much attention lately as more and more users are bookmarking or stumbling sites that are useful to them. Members get to see which websites got “stumbled” using the special toolbar. As they surf through these sites, they can give the ones that they find interesting a thumbs up or those that they do not like a thumbs down.

In order for your website to get into the StumbleUpon network, you have to join the site and become a member. See to it that the index of your websites is in the right category or they will be deemed as spam and will get thumbs down remarks by visitors. If you got some thumbs down even if you are doing things right, this should not happen often as long as you have a useful website.

The Concept Behind StumbleUpon

The idea behind StumbleUpon is easy. Just install a toolbar then make a profile of what interests you. As you visit different sites, you can rate them by giving either a thumbs up or a thumbs down. StumbleUpon is a good tool that you can use to let other people know about your website or blog’s presence. Once you have submitted your website or blog, you can then get unique visitors. But please be aware that receiving traffic from StumbleUpon may not convert to a number of sales since most you can get are passive visitors. Most are not actively in search for information. But you can still get leads.

Some Internet marketers usually catch the attention of their site visitors by having opt-in pages where a freebie can be obtained in exchange for e-mails or other information. The free item could be a physical product or an e-book. For instance, you are running an e-commerce store, you may choose to give away an interesting product. You could initiate direct mail marketing or e-mail marketing with the details you can get from your opt-in page. Not only you can get unique visitors, you can also establish personal communication with them, thereby, increasing your chance of acquiring future sales.

Speaking of personal communication, you can actually use it in generating traffic from StumbleUponwith its social aspect. This traffic generation tool can let you add around 200 friends in your contact list. This could mean around 200 possible sales. But see to it that you do not spam your contacts. Through simple ways of generating traffic from StumbleUpon, you could increase your businesses return on investment from Web marketing.


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